As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, my aim is to provide my consultees with a solid foundation, and rigorous, supportive consulting to take skills to the next level. I have training and experience in the following:

EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness

I have been teaching meditation for twenty years, and offer consultation in the standard protocol and mindfulness.

Attachment-Focused EMDR

I have many years of experience with the modified protocol, and have trained at all levels with Laurel Parnell and her senior faculty.

I specialize in treating the following populations: developmental trauma, mindfulness and spirituality, attachment issues, addiction and recovery, child sexual abuse. I also have experience with children and families. My clinical background is psychodynamic.

EMDR Consultation Options


Pricing: $80 for 2 hour group.

I offer Basic Training hours for the Institute for Creative Mindfulness. For completion of your EMDR training, 10-Hours of Consultation with an EMDRIA-approved consultant is required. Usually 4-6 hours are completed between the Part 1 and Part 2 trainings, with the remainder done after completing Part 2. All of these hours may be done in a group setting. Completion of consultation is required before a Certificate of Basic Training in EMDR Therapy can be awarded. Upon completion the therapist may refer to themselves as an EMDR therapist or EMDR practitioner.

All groups are via videoconferencing.

Upcoming dates: No group dates scheduled at this time.

*Please note, the cost for the group is non-refundable.

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from 75.00

Pricing: $180/hour $90/half-hour Full-time agency fee: $150/hour $75/half-hour

Available for both stand alone consultation and for EMDRIA certification hours.

Going beyond Basic Training to gain further support, or to attain the EMDRIA Certified Therapist designation is an important clinical step. EMDRIA certification requires 20 additional hours of consultation spread approximately one month apart. 10 of these must be individual. Certification level is not required to practice EMDR therapy, but I strongly recommend it. Additional hours beyond basic training give clinicians confidence and depth of knowledge to begin mastering the art of EMDR. Please note, it is necessary to communicate with me directly prior to beginning the certification process. You may contact me here: ClaudiaLewisTherapy@gmail.com

*There is a 48-hours advanced notice cancellation policy for all Individual Consultation sessions.

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Pricing: $540 for 6 months of small group.

I offer specialized EMDRIA certification groups for clinicians gaining hours for EMDRIA Certified Therapist Status. These closed groups are available by videoconference to clinicians all over the United States, and are offered as a series of 6 monthly consultations that are 1.5-hours in length, with each series limited to 6 participants. Of the 20 hours required for certification, up to 10 can be in group. Participants must have completed EMDR Basic Training: Parts 1 and 2 - plus all 10 Basic Training consultation hours. Paid up front, the fee for this package is $540 for the entire set of consultations. Please note, it is necessary to communicate with me directly prior to beginning the certification process. Dates for group will also be given at this time.

Get on the wait list for the next group certification by emailing me: ClaudiaLewisTherapy@gmail.com

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