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The Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit

We live in fast-paced, uncertain times that are raising anxiety levels. Do you know how to manage your anxiety, whatever life may bring? In this comprehensive audio course, I draw on current findings from neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness, to offer you coping skills based on somatic psychotherapy, cognitive therapy and meditation. Learn how to self-regulate, manage your thoughts and become like Teflon, so that nothing sticks to you. 

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Trauma Sensitive Meditation Course

Sitting in meditation is an ancient practice of finding equilibrium. Today’s scientific research is showing what meditation practitioners have known for thousands of years: that meditation can positively benefit us by increasing our focus, regulating our emotions, calming our nervous system to reduce stress, and changing our brains. We know that meditation can potentially help trauma survivors in important and meaningful ways. Yet, antithetical, the way in which trauma impacts us can make it challenging for survivors to access meditation in an effective way. Flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and body sensations, hypervigilance and a terror of the past reliving itself can make sitting to meditate seem impossible. In this course, you will learn why you experience trauma symptoms and why this can make it hard to meditate. You will discover how to modify meditation to create choices for yourself, how to move at a pace that feels rights for you, and how to meditate - even if right now that feels unattainable.

Coming 2019

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