Meditation | Breathwork

Science is discovering what meditation practitioners have known for centuries: meditation reduces stress, builds our capacity to cope with life and increases self-awareness and focus. I offer both open monitoring and focused attention styles of meditation in my practice.

Breathwork refers to breathing techniques and practices that can help reduce anxiety, create a sense of balance and improve focus. 

Trauma-sensitive Meditation

Would you like to include meditation as part of your lifestyle, or deepen your practice, but find trauma symptoms interfering? Through my trauma expertise and meditation experience, I support clients in approaching meditation through stabilization and modification. 

I am a double certified yoga and meditation teacher since 2000. I have studied vedic meditation, Kundalini, mindfulness, pranayama, Holotropic breathwork, Taoist breathing, tantra and many martial arts traditions. I incorporate meditation and breathwork into my practice to support my clients as desired.


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